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Becoming Legendary

"The Loc" is a Hard Core Rapper... A Poetic Lyricist...that keeps it Real & True...about what goes on in everyday life in the city streets & in the hood today...This album Becoming Legendary is Uncut. Unapologetic..& Remains True to Reality we see daily.

Becoming Legendary was inspired by 'Sixx Loc Gleason" & by the many other walks of life that he had encountered. It describes life in the inner cities, better known as the "hood". It's life's experiences, the Up's & Downs, the High's & Low's. It's about Hustling, Grinding & Getting Money- its the Game! The rules of the street! Its smoking and getting high, sideways in traffic- feeling free. Its Family, Friends, Your Homies and Your Haters. It's Love & Loss. Life & Death! It's Anger, Pain & Resentment. It's Lust, be it right or wrong, it's no love, it's looking for love in all the wrong places. It's Disappointment. It's Loyalty & Betrayal- Its men & women taking penitentiary chances to provide for their children, spouses and families. It's about Men being incarcerated and taken from their children, and the children ending up fatherless. Its about abandonment, loneliness, regret, and being left behind & forgotten. It's unapologetic. It's consequences & repercussions. It's denial, bitterness, and disbelief- It's a reality check of being isolated, secluded, desolate! The upside is Forgiveness... It's realizing that there is a Heaven and Hell....God and Satan. Its about being stripped until empty, of all that you know and love and surrendering the worldly possessions, the past, the hurt, pain. To gain God, to be blessed with change and choice & most importantly to choose "YOU". This movement is Dance2MyMusic... a forum for realness, transparency, unity, peace, happiness, fun, remembering, and honoring our loved ones & keeping this movement alive.


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